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Tucson: (520) 322-0000

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Get your rental property leased up fast with quality tenants, without wrecking your home.

Rental Property Management


How do you:
Find quality tenants
Collect Rents
Get Rent-Ready
Stay in Compliance
Handle Evictions
Organize the Paperwork
and find the time to do all this?


It’s simple. We handle it all for you!
Fort Lowell Realty is one of the top property management companies in Arizona since 1981. We have retained great rating with out owners and have grown to nearly 1000 properties. By combining experience with new technologies and programs we have created a cutting edge service that doesn’t skimp on the service!
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Steve S.
Steve S.
I started working with Diana at Fort Lowell after... relocating to the area last summer. Diana knows the greater Tucson market well, is quick to respond to messages/requests, and our business is always conducted in a professional, efficient manner. If you're in need of a strong local Real Estate professional, contact Fort Lowell and ask for Diana!read more
Darrel W.
Darrel W.
Im increasing my stars from 2 to 4. Ever since... Sara Louise took over as the managing landlord for this place, it has been 1000% better living here. She listens to your concerns and gets them handled. She actually cares. It's very refreshing. Ft Lowell Realty did themselves and the tennants a favor when they hired this awesome more
Jamie R.
Jamie R.
Update**My family and I decided not to renew... our lease due to the rent increase. The property owner is most definitely taking advantage of the housing pandemic. We refuse to be a part of greed and the landlord is very much greedy. We paid our rent on-time (or early) throughout our entire lease. We took care of the property and left it better than we received it. We were awesome tenants. The small duplex wasn’t in the best neighborhood and it was sandwiched in- between a home with ongoing domestic violence and a house with 5 poodles! Noise was a constant factor. Despite these issues we made it home and were content. We asked for a two year lease at renewal and it was denied. They were only offering a one year lease renewal. My family needs stability and they couldn’t provide that. Moving out was rough. Maintenance wouldn’t provide receipts for paint and thus our deposit was withheld way beyond the allotted timeframe allowed. It was impossible to get a hold of anyone to rectify this. Due to the unpleasantness of having to pester FLR for our deposit, I deducted a star. I understand that FLR is there to put the property owners first but dealing with slumlords is something they should stray away from.I’ve been a tenant of FLR for several months now and have been really pleased with the maintenance response and overall experience. Our previous landlord decided to move back into their home and so my family and I where left searching for a new place unexpectedly during the Covid-19 pandemic. FLR was very responsive, quick and thorough. Maintenance fixed minor issues with ease and flexibility. I appreciate having a professional property management company. This experience has been a much more positive one compared to previous companies. Thank you, honestly!I’d also like to quickly add that my property manager at FLR is Veronica (she is amazing!). I’ve only ever communicated directly with her and more
Christene M.
Christene M.
The staff is so great and helpful. I loved how... they worked with me to make sure I was able to get into the placeread more
K.A Carson (Kloud A.
K.A Carson (Kloud A.
They want 3x income to rent to you! I rented from... them for multiple years and can say while the properties need matience, some of the staff is great, shout out to property managers like Susan S, who go out of their way to help tenants work things out and keep them safe! You can do much worse than FLR!read more
Ryan K.
Ryan K.
Diana has always been easy to work with.
Bobbie P.
Bobbie P.
I recently had a cooler issue so I put in a... maintenance request with Fort Lowell Realty. Xavier Mendosa promptly came out, diagnosed ​and repaired the problem. Xavier came right on time, he was very polite and he also knew how to correct the problem. Thank you Xavier and Fort Lowell more
Sam K.
Sam K.
Diane with Fort Lowell Realty was very helpful... with all requests. Moving in and out was a very smooth and simple more
William T.
William T.
Colleen Kessler and her team are the epitome of... professionalism. We have thoroughly enjoyed working with them.Whether you're looking to lease your property, or need to find a place to live, they will surpass your more
Diem D.
Diem D.
Diana and Fort Lowell Realty & Property... Management have managed my property for nearly a decade. From day one, Diana has been very responsive, honest and provided prompt results for us. We are very happy with Diana and how she has handled our property. During the pandemic, Fort Lowell Realty & Property Management provided excellent communication and handled the difficult times with sincerity. We would highly recommend this company and Diana more
Brittney W.
Brittney W.
I had Jacquelina Brantley as my realtor and I am... extremely satisfied with the dedicated and flexible nature of how she works. She was flexible in our changing needs as out of state tenants coming from different background and desires. She was also very dedicated on providing us with multiple options and thoroughly guiding us through the process from beginning to the very end.Would definitely recommend working with Jacquelina Brantleyread more
Marnie M.
Marnie M.
Wonderful property management company; from the... first showing to years into your lease - always on top of any issues or repairs. Professional and outstanding customer more
Monique H.
Monique H.
Maintenance requests addressed by Juan were fixed... in a timely manner and done right the first time. I was very pleased with his work and how personable and professional he was. He paid respect to me and the multiple issues that a prior maintenance person had ignored or not fixed properly. I trust him and his ability to get the job done. 5 stars for Juan!read more
Neti G.
Neti G.
Very happy with FLRAZ as a whole, especially Ana... as my more
Danielle W.
Danielle W.
They are the best realty company I have rented... from, they took management of where I live a couple years after I moved in. They are understanding, caring and try hard to get requests taken care of more
Rauf N.
Rauf N.
We have worked with Jackie at Ft Lowell on... purchases - she is responsive , available and always willing to listen to our needs and develop custom solutions. Keep up the good more
Theresa S.
Theresa S.
Professional, kind, and quick responses
Dan R.
Dan R.
We absolutely love jeff !!! Our property has... become so much better since jeff took over! He’s amazing!read more
Wild H.
Wild H.
I would like to extend a huge thank you to... maintenance, Steven, for being prompt and taking care of my maintenance issue in a timely manner, and completing it thoroughly. I would also like to say thank you to Ft Lowell property mgmnt as they've been great at taking care of my maintenance requests promptly, sometimes even same day. You all are Great!read more
Christine G.
Christine G.
Al Diaz came by to take of a maintenance request... I had. He was friendly, professional, and did a great job!! Very satisfied. Thank you team!!!read more
richard R.
richard R.
The maintenance at ft lowell reality are very... responsive. First moved in Jose and his handyman friend took care of jobs i thought would require a second visit. Edgar help fixed our furnese that sw gas brought up issues. Next business day was at my door ready to work. Took care of job and gave us some history about our area. Appreciate the good more
manuela S.
manuela S.
Very professional and kind. Answered all my... questionsread more
stacie O.
stacie O.
I like the idea of being able to view the unit... yourself with the key lock box that you open with the code. Some of the contacts at the company a little more
Daniel M.
Daniel M.
Diana from Fort Lowell was very professional and... quickly helped me with my A/C unit repair. I really appreciate their great service and would HIGHLY recommend them for any more
Marianne P.
Marianne P.
Steve and his assistant was professional. I... really enjoy Steve fast,honest approach.Just need to get pipe tighten up due to drip from pipe getting opening un clothed. more
nicole P.
nicole P.
I have been a tenant for almost 4 yrs now, and... have had zero issues. Whenever I need a maintenance technician to repair something, it is taken care of immediately. Most recently, Steven Butts came out to repair an outlet issue. He was prompt and more
Shana J.
Shana J.
I have lived in my home for 7 years and I can... honestly say that the property manager Sarah Louis is an amazing person. She's always been easy to talk to and 90% of the time I only have to call her once and she answers if I leave a message she calls me back right more
Valerie B.
Valerie B.
Very helpful
Lupita A.
Lupita A.
I have been a Tenant at Ft Lowell Realty and... Property Management for 7 yrs. They are a professional and great property management company. Anytime I place an order for maintenance with Property Meld. Steven Butts and his crew reply immediately and their work is too notch. I am very grateful from Michelle Cunningham,Jordan,Kirsten,but especially to our new and wonderful property Manager Ana Consuelo which went beyond and above through my application at the Eviction Prevention Program. She cooperated and helped 100%. I got approved for 4 months free rent because of Ana Consuelos involvement through the the whole process. Thank so much for agreeing and doing everything you did to complete the process. I am so grateful and happy that you are my Property Manager. I enjoy living here and will keep being a very appreciative tentent for more years to come. Ana Consuelo you are # 1 all the way. Guadalupe Allangawiread more
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Major Rehabs Property Management in Tucson

Major Rehabs

○ Property Repositioning

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How Much Can You Get in Rent?

We are ready to do a rental analysis for you to assess how much your Tucson property is worth before moving forward with our property management services. Getting this right is essential because not every rental analysis is created equal. What we do different from other property management companies in Tucson is we mix comparable properties that are renting in your area AND we combine that with the condition of your property AND what it could be worth if the property gets a healthy rehab and updating (if needed). Special note, we only have licensed agents price your property. That way you know a licensed professional is giving you a quality rental analysis.


To Sell or Rent? That is The Question.

Choosing your path sometimes takes a little more information. That why we can put together an analysis on both the rental and sales value of the property. We’re able to do both because we’re not just one of the top ranked property management companies in AZ. We also have sales brokers who have ranked top 10 most productive agents. Making us uniquely capable of giving you a full view of your options before you commit to either renting or selling your investment property.


How Would We Lease Your Property?

We have licensed property managers lease-out your property. We avoid specialized leasing agents because the property manager is working with you and your tenant’s for many years to come. Therefore it behooves everyone to get that relationship started as quickly as possible and on the right foot with your tenant. Our emphasis on this relationship has proven paramount during Covid-19. Given our relationship building emphasis with tenants we are collecting closer to 98-99% of rents, far higher than market average.