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Tucson: (520) 322-0000

Tucson: (520) 322-0000

Home Rentals in Tucson

See our list of exclusive rental listings in Tucson and everywhere else in Arizona below.

Fort Lowell's Streamlined Move-in Process:

We simplify the process, ensuring it’s quick, and that you have direct access to the property manager from the very beginning.

1. Finding Your Home

Utilize the map, apply filters, select listings, examine their details, and click “apply now” once you’ve identified the suitable location.

2. Time to Apply

Utilize the map, apply filters, select listings, examine their details, and click “apply now” on the property of your choice to move on to the application.

3. Time to Move-in

In the application phase, you have the option to specify your preferred move-in date. At any point, feel free to reach out to the property manager to firm-up this date.

4. Speak to The Property Manager

Feel free to communicate directly with the property manager at any time for additional information about the property and our policies. However, we recommend promptly submitting your application, as our rental process operates on a first-come, first-served basis for qualified applicants.

How should I apply for a property?

Choose one of the listed properties above and click on “Apply now” located on the right side of the property page. This ensures that we accurately identify the property you are applying for, and our system will automatically populate the relevant property information for you!

Who do I talk to about leasing?

Select “View Details” for a property you are interested in leasing. On the subsequent page, at the bottom right under “contact us,” you will find the phone number of the property manager with whom you will be in touch while residing at the property!

When can I move into my rental property?

With our personalized process you communicate directly with the property manager who will be woring with you during your stay. Communicate with them and add a date during the application process to make a move-in date that works best!

How much does the application fee cost?

We charge $45 per applicant. Anyone 18+ must be included for this charge.