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Rental Assistance Program Step By Step

Rental Assistance Program Step By Step   We are going to talk about how you can easily Avoid Eviction even if you’re unemployed due to the Crisis. Here at Fort Lowell Realty we’ve directly helped dozens of our tenants prevent eviction by zeroing out their debts...

Tips on How To Lease A Property

Tips on How To Lease A Property   Knowing how to lease your home or investment property is essential to getting that cap rate you (should've) calculated when buying the property. In this video I go over the main stages you need to go through in order to attract...

Renting Your Property – Max-Out Your Income Property

  Max Out Your Income Property   Getting passive income through your real estate investments is a great way to build your wealth. In this video I go into how you can not only get rental income, but how you can maximize your rental property income.  ...

Kali Picks Stocks

Cat Picks Stocks Creating an ETF by having my cat pick value based stocks has been interesting to say the least. But hey, making money online in 2020 is a strange time. I recreated the famous Chimpanzee stock broker experiment from the book "A Random Walk Down Wall...

Rental Housing Market Update: August 2020

Will Tenants Not Make Rent? Rental Housing Market Update for August 2020   In order to predict how much rent collection may be affected, we will cover the following subjects: HEALS Act stimulus bill, tenant mentality towards paying the rent, landlords’ ability to...

Rental Housing Market June: It’s Looking Good (For Most)

Rental Housing Market June: It’s Looking Good (For Most)

Rental Housing Market June: It’s Looking Good (For Most)   Where does the rental market stand in June? It seems there’s positivity in the market overall but does that translate to the housing market? Will housing crash or will it stabilize and eventually grow?...

Housing Market Holds Steady

Housing Market Holds Steady: Why It Hasn't Collapsed. It seemed the real estate market would tank along with the stock market. However, the fundamentals of the real estate market are far more solid than they were in 2008. Here's the key fundamentals that have kept...

Hundreds of Our Tenants Can’t Pay Rent – What We Did

Hundreds of Our Tenants Can’t Pay Rent – What We Did

  Rent is due and millions of tenants can't pay due to the outbreak. You can't evict so how will the landlord and tenant work together to ensure neither fall into a contract breach, forcing the other side to request specific performance?   Many tenants are...

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