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Tucson: (520) 322-0000

In this video Bob Collopy will be teaching you how you can use virtual reality in headsets.

Using a virtual reality headset, you can finally bring that open house to your client at anytime from anywhere. They could be in Phoenix Arizona and the showing could be in San Diego. Doing so will distinguish yourself and help them make one of the biggest decisions of their life!

In order to make this work you will need a headset, camera, and headphones if you want to get fancy.

For the headset I got the VR One which uses your smartphone as a screen. It’s only 110 bucks or so and works with multiple phones. This enables you to give the headset to clients and not worry too much about losing it. The BIG limitation here however is the image quality is pretty low. So while there is a cool factor, the home doesn’t actually look that awesome.

For the camera I got the Kodak 4k. Yes, Kodak still exists and still makes cool stuff. I got it because it is only $900 (everyone else is way more) and gives a decent picture AND video. It also includes basic software for making videos which, hey, you’re going to need.

Lastly, I got a head set that can hook into the phone. The big plus of the headset (if you’re shooting video) is you can be in the video and while they spin around looking it will feel like you are there because the sound will move with them. Pretty cool right?

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