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We go over the typical day of a realtor and how it can be great and not so great.

Hello everyone,


I am Bob and in the real estate video we are going to be talking about the typical day of a real estate agent. THis is an interesting journey here because, I don’t know either.


You see, it’s weird because this is not a 9-5 job. You don’t punch in or punch out. You don’t keep normal hours. You don’t all meet around the water color around the same day.


So in this video I am going to be focusing on residential real estate. Let’s assume you are trying to get some listings. There are listing agents and there are buying agents typically. It’s all about what part of the deal you do best.


So if you are good at showing homes and going there and closing people if they want to sell their home, then that’s a good listing agent. If you want to show other people’s homes and know different neighborhoods really well then maybe you are a buyer’s agent.


Let’s say you are a buyer/lister agent. They report to the office early in the morning and they usually start cold calling off a sheet that the broker usually gets to you. You call for about two hours typically. Before or after those calls you will be answering emails.


For the second half of the day you go out and meet the people you had cold called. But some people just do one or the other and refer out the leads to other people. It all depends on what you want to do and where you fit.


Here is the big pro in real estate. You can work whenever you want. The con, you have to work whenever you have to work.


So you may be doing nothing one week and another week you are gunning it with a 60-70 hour work week. So when you’re doing great you’re working and you just can’t not work.


You see, in essence you are not just becoming a Realtor, you are becoming a small business owner. SOmetimes things are just going to get crazy. But hey, when the money comes I am sure you will jump to the occasion.


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