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Hello Everyone this is Bob and today we’re going to be getting into who will and who will not make it in real estate!

So if you’re new to the real estate game here in Phoenix or anywhere really then allow me to give you a heads up to make sure you’re joining this amazing industry for, well, amazing reasons.

I am focusing on basic mentality types I have seen in the industry that I’ve seen pop up….and then fizzle out. So here they are!

The Overnight Millionaire:

That’s the dude who’s got the “scheme” of a lifetime bopping around in his head and in his hand is a very expensive file/report/book/video that he bought from some “guru.” Not gonna hate on the guru, but I will question whether this guy has truly seen the light of what real estate actually is. The issue with this overnight millions mentality is that every day you don’t make a million you get a bit more depressed. The other issue is you don’t think straight. Every deal must make you a million bucks yesterday right? Do you think that’s going to affect your decision making? In my experience it REALLY does.

Jack of All Trades: You want to do real estate. But you also are a bartender, an artist, a mad scientist, professional bowler, and are opening up a dog washing company. Real estate looks great because you know so many people and it’s possibly a quick buck. Beware. First check those connections. Are any in the life stage of ever wanting to buy or sell their home? If not, getting your license isn’t going to change their mind. Second….FOCUS! Most of this industry is based on focus and follow-ups. Just doing it. If you don’t do it, it won’t work.

The Corporate Rebel:

I get it. Cubicles suck and I know you can’t go back to the office because you’ve just finished beating up the office printer with a bat. In a nut shell real estate looks great because there’s usually very little corporate structure and predefined working hours and procedures. However, you need to make sure you are joining real estate because you think you’d like it, don’t join because you hate something else.

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