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We go over basic character traits every agent should have, whether you should keep or quit your day job, and when you should go full time in real estate.

Hello everyone I am bob. In this video I am going to go over whether you should or should not make real estate your future.


THere’s a big thing in real estate. What type of person are you? Is property management a good fit for you? Are you outgoing enough? Talkative enough? Social enough?


Here is the thing, when you really get into real estate you will find that there are so many different kind of personalities in real estate. Besides when I have to netowk or do calls I actually just keep to myself. I’m not a huge networker who is always out there shaking hands.


And so many people think that that is how you have to be. But no, that’s just one way to make it in real estate. WHat really matters is your character, at more of a base level. What you are looking at is more of the symptoms of someone character.


What you really need is character, self drive, confidence, and professionalism.


I got into real estate because I knew myself. I knew that I was not wired to sit at a desk at 9 AM because that is how someone else says that is how I am going to be productive. I don’t fit that. I went with real estate because I knew myself and I knew I had the personality and the drive to make it in this industry.


Now that’s the emotional side of things. But we still have to be practical right!


A big question I keep hearing from newer real estate agents is this. “I have this job, but I want to get into real estate. Should I quit my job and just go into real estate?”


My advice for agents in Phoenix Arizona or anywhere, is that you really should keep that job. I say this because you are going into something where you are starting with making no money, but your expenses will not be going to zero.


So what you should do is real estate on the side. Try and get some small deals and learn the process. See if it is for you. See if this kind of lifestyle is something you will excel in before you jump into it. If you can get listings while you have a job then maybe you really are cut out for this.


Once you are confident and have some deals under your belt and you believe you really will do this, then maybe quit that job. But that is a decision only you can make.


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