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Tucson: (520) 322-0000


Tucson Rental Property Sales

This quirky little video to the right shows you how we operate when working with you on the acquisition or sale of an investment property.

Our main difference is the vertical integrations we provide because we don’t just help you acquire a property. We also put together and execute upon the property rehab plan, the lease up, management and ongoing operations.

With such a process we become more than a real estate broker who is just trying to get a quick sale. We become your long term partner.

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This is a story of the first time Bob became a landlord of a commercial property. He started simply with a few duplexes and a house in a single project.

The only way he could do it was to find money partners. In this video Bob goes over the process of buying, rehabbing, leasing up, managing, and the all important profit sharing at point of the eventual property sale between him and his partners.

Sometimes you’re not sure if you should sell your property now or if it makes more sense to hold the property by renting it out for some time. In this video, Bob goes over how you can best figure out how to make this important decision by utilizing market data and some general industry standards you could expect.


Being a landlord isn’t easy. Especially when you’ve found yourself in a tough situation with your tenants. The rent issue has become front page news ever since Covid-19. So here is how Bob and Fort Lowell handled the rent collection issue and how that will affect your rentals moving forward.