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Tucson: (520) 322-0000

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How to Flip a House with No Money

How to Flip a House with No Money

Flipping A House With No Money Flipping houses can be tough, especially if you don't have any money and you're a total beginner. But lets say you've found a great home, duplex, fourplex, etc and you want it to flip it.   The first step is you're going to need to...

Calculating Cap Rate P.2

Alright, so to the calculation. There's a few main variables I'm going to focus on here in Phoenix: Vacancy: By vacancy I don't mean actual. I mean effective vacancy. I'm talking effective vacancy because that's the average vacancy you can expect over a year. SO even...

The Concept Of Cap Rate

  Cap rate is an incredible little calculation that is used by anybody who's anybody in real estate. In Phoenix Arizona we use this a lot. We focus on property management in Phoenix, but we still have to use this calculation in order to help our clients budget...

3 More Things Every Agent Should Know

This is part 2 of everything a new agent needs to know! This segment focuses on more macro things every new and young agent needs to begin wrapping their mind around as they make their push into the real estate world. So lets begin: Study the big wigs. You probably...

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