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Tucson: (520) 322-0000

Being a millennial in real estate can be tough. But you don’t have to collect a million participation trophies to make it as an agent in Phoenix, Arizona or anywhere else really. What matters most is actually making deals and then showing off the great things you achieved effectively.


But how do you get those deals in the first place you ask? Good question! Lets first answer that question from the more philosophical side. You need to develop yourself as a person. This is so important because real estate is a tough industry, that’s pretty good at crushing your soul at times. So this needs to be addressed. To do that you need to combine, mind body and soul into everything you do. By doing this you will learn more, work harder and work smarter. If you only “grind” but never think, then you will look stupid. If you only read about real estate, then you will know it all, but get nothing. If you’re in it only for the money and have no greater purpose in life, good luck with your mental health in the long term. So you need to think, do, and have a purpose.


Now lets get practical. I got my start by doing property management. By doing that I developed relationships and started getting deals. So in essence, as a young person you have to find a way to develop relationships because you really have no obvious authority in the real estate world…and probably don’t. So basically you have to convince someone you have the ability, nonetheless. The only way to do that is by developing a relationship. How you do it, is really up to you. But that’s where you need to start.