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Tucson: (520) 322-0000

This is Broker Bob, your captain and commander of Real Estate, here to help guide you amongst the perils that is starting out in real estate.

I run a sales, rehab, and property management company in Phoenix Arizona.

So lets get to it. Are you going to go part time in real estate? Then we need to get one thing straight.

Part time still means professional!

Many “part time” agents are really just people with a license and nothing else going for them. Don’t be the guy.

You still need a marketing strategy, necessary tools of the trade, the right mindset, and an allotted time to dedicate to this industry.

Think of it this way. Would you hire a part time person who slacks off and doesn’t bother to really know their job? NO! And neither would your clients.

Part time should only mean that; part-time. But in that time you are working you are still 100% there.

ANd there’s the issue. How can you be 100% when you’re only doing it 25-50% of the time? Well that’s the trick isn’t it?

There are two main way to do this:

First the practical: Either join a team to help focus you or establish a very developed personal system of doing things.

Second is Mental: Read up on the market daily or weekly, get out there and do things that help you gain knowledge and confidence. These two traits are always needed in real estate. Who would make the biggest purchase of their life with someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing and seems unsure of what he is selling?

That’s the basic jist. Thanks guys!

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