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Tucson: (520) 322-0000

Tucson: (520) 322-0000

This is an interesting little area. Many people write this area off due to lower grade locations just west of here. However, there are a few blocks that are notably different. With the convenient proximity to the I17 and the attractive North Mountain giving this area a pleasant feel, this location that should not be ignored. It’s very pretty.

The Feel:

This is a middle income area. Walking around the streets I have noticed that it is much quieter than nearby areas. Beside the single family homes, there are small 7- to 30-unit apartment and condo complexes with some midsize 50- to 100-unit complexes as well.

What Will Likely Happen Next:

This can’t stay a secret forever. This area is going to get bought up and fixed up. The build out of this area is near capacity. Due to this we can expect some notable rental increases, but nothing too drastic.

This area will likely remain the spot for the financially secure, middle income family. This means renting your units out should be much easier here than the economically depressed areas nearby which tends to have vacancy issues. Also, with slightly higher rents, better living conditions in rehabbed units and more demand you will be more capable of garnering higher quality tenants.

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