Fort Lowell Realty & Property Management Phoenix

Tucson: (520) 322-0000

Tucson: (520) 322-0000

You can expect a prompt response to your maintenance requests for your rental property no matter what part of Phoenix you are in!


Non-Emergency Repairs


The easiest way to request typical non-emergency maintenance requests is to log into the online Maintenance Request Portal account through our website and create a work order. We will review your request and then have our maintenance department coordinate your repair. Critical repairs are typically handled on the same or next day around your schedule. Minor repairs will be handled in a timely manner, again around your schedule. You may also call or email in your service requests.




After normal business hours, call 888-322-0070. We are available to handle emergencies…always…simple as that.

Now what is an emergency?

  • A broken water pipe
  • Clogged toilet in a one-bath home
  • fire
  • major roof leaks are usually considered an emergency.
  • A broken a/c on a 100-degree Friday evening or Saturday is usually considered an emergency since the tenant will be a day or two without a/c.
  • A non-functioning a/c on a weeknight may be an inconvenience but it is not necessarily an emergency and it’s best to call your property manager first thing in the morning.