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Tucson: (520) 322-0000

Fort Lowell Realty Off Campus HousingWithout a doubt, the college years are an unforgettable time in a person’s life, and living arrangements can play a big part in the quality of memories created during that time. While many students enjoy living in the dorms for their first year as they get adjusted to college life, after a while they are ready to move off-campus. Likewise, graduate students and married students often want to live off-campus.

The competition for the best housing near campus can be fierce. Of the 40,000 students who attend the University of Arizona,  over 30,000 of them live in private apartments, condominiums, and houses located off-campus. Needless to say, the best off-campus housing rents quickly, usually months in advance. Students looking for off-campus housing will often pre-lease housing as early as March or April for the fall semester.

Whether you are looking for a multi-bedroom house to share with several roommates, a quiet efficiency apartment for just for you, or anything in between, the team at Fort Lowell Realty Property Management can help you find it. We will work with you to find housing that meets your needs and fulfills your desires. Most importantly, we can help you find an apartment or house near campus that won’t break your budget. Imagine ditching your crowded dorm for a home that is still within walking or biking distance to campus. Since the UA’s main campus covers over 380 acres in central Tucson, you may want to look at a map to decide which neighborhoods interest most you before you begin your search.

Fort Lowell has been in business for 30 years, and during that time we have helped thousands of college students find off-campus housing. However, our service does not end with helping you find a place to live. We work hard to provide our tenants with the best service available by being responsive to their maintenance needs and making paying rent as convenient as possible.

If you want to find off-campus housing that meets your needs and fits your budget, contact Fort Lowell Realty and Property Management today.