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Jessmar Romea

jessmar-1Jessmar is a Tucson local with four years of experience in the real estate and property management field, with an extensive background in personnel training and customer service.

He is well versed in marketing, leasing, maintenance coordination, as well as maintaing client relationships and applying these skills in managing single family homes and small multi-family complexes.

As a property manager, he does his work with the understanding that a big part of any successful business is the way client relationships are handled. He also understands the value of communication, and the importance of conducting business with integrity.

He is an artist by nature, and is passionate for all forms of art especially music and those of the visual sort.

Jessmar is currently acquiring properties to expand his portfolio at Fort Lowell Realty with properties in the greater Tucson area.

If you have any general or specific questions regarding property management, please contact Jessmar at (520) 850-7147 or via email at jessmar@flraz.com