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Hello everyone I am bob and in this real estate video I am going to be teaching you how to get that big multi million dollar listing! The juices ones. A whale, the casinos call them. You see you can’t just start off getting those multimillion dollar deals unless you are in one of the super illuminati circles and you can kind just do those things along with you know, kinda take over Peru. But for the rest of us who have no control over what happens to Peru. You gotta go by a step by step process.


So step number one. You are going to have to get your foot into the door. How do you do that? You are going to have to get credentials and it really helps to have a real estate licence. That’s the bare minimum. To grow it you should get a lot more than a real estate license because, let’s face it, you can get that thing in three weeks. What really makes a difference is having a degree in real estate. Major in marketing, minor in finance, real estate. Another thing that can really help is to get really good designations that higher up groups and people look for. Good ones include CPM, certified property manager. That can help if you are going for multifamily, office or something like that. ANother one is a CCIM. Get that and an eyebrow will raise. The may say, “yea this guy isn’t just another one of a stack of agents trying to pitch me why I should work with them.” Lastly being a broker always helps, it’s a step up from being an agent.


ANother thing that helps is actually being in a brokerage that other people have heard of. It doesn’t have to be this way. I didn’t do that, but it does help especially if are within the right circles within that company because everyone is trying to get that great spot in the company while at the end of the day only a few are actually going to get. This may take 5 years or even a decade to get to this point.


THen you need to start doing some deals. Think of doing deals like fishing. WOuld you really try to get a whale on your first try? THink about it, your first time you have got a flimsy little stick, with a string connected to the end. The whale will probably rip your arms off. So I suggest getting a goldfish and learn how the transactions work. This will make you a better agent and saves you from hurting your reputation by biting off more than you can chew.


Then you take those smalls deals you did and use them as bait to get a bigger deal and so on. This helps build the resume’ for bigger clients. This will make you look a lot better than the new guy trying to get that deal as well.


So how do we get that multimillion dollar deal? Assume you have done all of the above. The big thing to think about here is the people you deal with are different. You are now working with a professional organization or at least a very sophisticated individual. Usually there are company structures involved with the ownership of the property. So understanding these company structures is a big deal. Asking the right questions is the biggest part here.


I can explain this more in another video.


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