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Tucson: (520) 322-0000

We learn where to get started in finding leads and how to get them.

Hello everyone, I’m Bob, and you are looking to get some real estate leads. A great endeavor!


So you’ve joined a brokerage and you think they are going to get you the leads. Mehhh, not really. It’s up to you to get those leads. Because chances are, those leads are not just going to walk in through the front door.


So where to get those leads. Let’s start simple. Start with the people you know. You’ve been alive right? You’ve met people. Well tell them! And do any type of deal you have to do because you are getting experience and also a REVIEW!


Get those good reviews from clients and put them up on places like Google Reviews, Google local, Yelp and wherever else you want to put it. By doing this you are building your brand.


Next is have your website, your marketing material. You need all this because you are building a brand. So you have to position yourself with your website which has to match with your business cards, which match with your mailers. Consistency is key.


So the mailers. Mailers are something you mail or somehow deliver marketing material to people’s homes. So to start, just focus on one area. This will help you be consistent and will slowly build your brand.


Over time it should work, if you work it.
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