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Helping someone buy a home DOES NOT guarantee you a commission. Watch this video and make sure you don’t just turn into a glorified tour guide.


Hello everyone I am Bob and in the real estate video I am going to be teaching you how to be a real estate agent and not a tour guide. Yes they are interchangeable. WHen you got your real estate license you thought you would sell houses instead of being a person who shows people houses. There’s a big difference.


ANd let me tell you, the amount you get paid between these two job descriptions is very different. One person actually gets paid the other person does not get paid at all. You are paid to sell a house, not to show people a house.


So you need to get that buyer broker exclusive agreement to ensure that commission. In reality, clients are not always as nice as they seem on TV. Because if your clients decide to say someone else is their agent even after you did your job that other agent might just take that commission from you. He might even get the management of the property as well.


Some of you are thinking, well I will just sue that agent. Well if you do that there’s likely you won’t be making much after court costs. You would likely be better off just putting that time and energy into getting other clients.


Another reason you want a buyer broker exclusive is because it helps vet your clients. A client may seem serious, but once you get that pen in their hand they tend to change their tone. You may find out they just wanted to look at houses and not buy all along. By signing this contract, they tend to make that known or will stop all together, which is good for you because you aren’t wasting your time on someone who was looking to just take advantage of your services.


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