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What is the HEROES act and will it pass?

A lot of people are wondering, ‘Will HEROES act pass’ and ‘What is the HEROES act?’ The HEROES act bill, if passed by the Senate, would give people a 1200 stim check – otherwise known as ‘economic impact checks’ – just like how the Cares act gave people a stim check.

More stimulus checks.

They basically work the same as last time.

    • 75k in income to get the full 1200
    • Decrease $5 for every $100 over 75k
    • If you’re married or filing jointly then you get 2400
    • 1200 per dependent and it’s retroactive for anyone who didn’t get it last time…so that’s great for the college students claimed as a dependent because last time it only went to anyone 17 and under.
    • And This maxes out at $6000 per family.

Student loan forgiveness

    • Information found on Page 1046 of Bill.
    • Up to $10,000 of payments forgiven.
    • Applies from July 1 until September 2021.
    • Will get a $1200 check even if claimed as a dependent and will get the other $1200 retroactively.


  • $600 a week Extended to january 2021

Front Line:

  • $13 hr of premium pay all the way from jan 27 2020.
  • This applies until 60 days until disaster is no longer a disaster.
  • This caps at $10,000
  • So this applies to 769 total hours of work to reach the $10,000.
  • If you’re making above $200,000 then max is $5000 extra.
  • On top of this money you could get a tax break. A federal tax holiday for 4 months and the secretary of the treasury can make it 7 months.
    • This works just like soldiers who are deployed
  • As a side note hospitals will now be able to apply for PPP.


  • Ban on evictions pushed to 12 months from passing and will extend to May 31st, 2021.
  • Applies to all tenants in any dwelling,
  • 30 additional days on top of notice to vacate for non-payment will be needed in over to evict the tenant.

Page 127 tenant-based rental housing specs:

  • $4 billion is going to voucher programs, $2.5bn going specifically to things like Section 8.
  • 5bn to community development.
  • 11.5bn to homelessness
  • 100 billion to rental assistance


  • No longer just federally backed loans qualify, which really opens up how many people can apply for this.
  • Forbearance is now possible for 360 days just like the renters
  • Taxes and insurance paid by servicer as well in escrow accounts
  • Loan servicers even have to eat the extra tax and insurance.
  • Payments go onto the end of the loan…extends the time till pay off.

SALT deduction

State and local tax cuts

  • On the other end of the housing spectrum are the SALT deduction beneficiaries.
  • State income tax and property tax could be deducted above $10,000.
  • Gets rid of the 10k max until jan 2022
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