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Hello Everyone I am Bob and in this real estate video we are going to be talking about how to make it in real estate as a young person.


Ant to become the next Christina Agulera that is real estate. But a little more educated.


In this video specifically we will be talking about publicity.


You need publicity. You are young and this is likely to be the clients biggest or one the biggest investments in their life.


So you need credibility. So getting some publicity will really help you.


Start with a business Journal or a any local magazine. Most of them have a 30 under 30 segment every year. And you wouldn’t believe how easy it can be to get on there. Yea, the top few people are usually amazing. But the rest of the people on the list, from my perspective are actually pretty average. This is great because you can actually grab one of those spots.


ANother way to go is get an article in a journal. To do that have a cool story. Have something to talk about. Give that journalist something he can work with.


Those are the two easiest and best ways I’ve seen to get free publicity.


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