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Tucson: (520) 322-0000


Hello fellow real estate agents! It’s a hot day here in Phoenix but I think we will get through it. Just let the smell of baking cookies warm you as they cook on the sidewalk. Yes, that does actually work, no I don’t endorse it because dogs don’t know how to handle finding cookies. Don’t put your pooch through that.


In this video we will be talking about how to follow up when you get a good lead at your real estate convention, gym, meeting or wherever!


First: During the conversation set yourself up for your follow up. My favorite way to do this is to establish a deep bump. A deep bump is essentially a bookmark in the conversation to reference. It can be about anything, but make sure it’s a distinct and creates a positive emotional response with your lead. This is a bit of an art but with practice this is a great tactic. For example, this is known to be Bill Clinton’s best skill when working a room and he’s done pretty well I think.


Second: Follow up! Call and or email within 48 hours. Do it sooner than later. You and they are forgetting about each other by the second. A relationship is a verb people, just ask your lover or pet.


Third: Get a CRM. I prefer using ZOHO. This helps organize who you need to talk to, what was said and what you should be doing. If you’re a pro, you NEED this. I use ZOHO because it’s free for a few users, is scalable, and has the best customer service I’ve ever experienced in this industry by far.