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irrigation2In Arizona an irrigation system can save a great deal of time an hassle keeping the plants and trees alive and thriving.  But if they malfunction, plants can die quickly or you can get surprised with a several hundred dollar water bill.

Typically renters are responsible for insuring that plants, bushes and trees are being properly watered.  If the property has an irrigation system this is fairly easy task.  But it requires that the resident become familiar with the irrigation systems operation and keep an eye that the system is working properly.  

Most irrigation systems are pretty basic.  A timer mounted on the wall that controls two or three water valves usually located in a plastic box set in the ground and plastic water lines that deliver water to each plant and grassy area.  Water flows to each indiviual plant or area of grass through a nozzle, sprayer or emitter that delivers from 1 gal to several gallons of water per hour depending size of plant or area being watered. Usually the water source for the irrigation system connects to either a water faucet or the main water line to the house before it enters the house.  There is typically a shut off valve that can be turned off if a leak occurs.

Typical irrigation problems? 

  • Timer stops working cause system not to turnon, (no water running) or staying on (water will not shut off)
  • Valve breaks causes on section of yard not to get water or stays on a floods section of yard.
  • Plastic line break will cause excess water to flow but only during time system is on
Residents should become familiar with the operation of the timer and the location of the water shutoff valve.  And walk around the yard on a regular basis when the system is on and verify there are no leaks and plants are being properly watered.  Plants can cost hundreds of dollars to replace and we do not want to pass this expense onto our tenants.