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renters-insuranceIn most cases renter’s insurance is not a landlord requirement.  But renters insurance is Cheap!…starting at around $100 and rises depending on amount of coverage you require.  Renters insurance does not only cover cost of your personal belonging if a broken pipe floods your home but also covers the cost of repairs you may be responsible for if your new tortilla making cooking skills causes a grease fire that destroys the kitchen.  Even though a landlord’s insurance company may pay for repairs caused by a tenant, often the insurance company then seeks reimbursement from the tenant.
In the recent past a tenant left on Christmas vacation during a hard freeze.  The tenant did not leave the heat on in his upstairs condo, the pipes froze in ceiling, his condo and the downstairs condo were flood resulting in approximately $30,000 in damages.  After the insurance company paid for repairs, they called our office looking for the tenant’s contact information.  
All the major insurance company’s provide inexpensive property and liability insurance for renters…consider it!