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Tucson: (520) 322-0000

Hello Everyone,

In this real estate video I will be teaching you how you can get your direct mail campaign off the ground. There are two main ways to do this. There is the title company way and there is the custom mailer way.

First the title company way. If you are a real estate agent they like to give you guys free or heavily discounted marketing materials and will even help you make the material and mail it all. They do this with the nudged hope that you will use them for title work when you get a deal. THe advantage to this is obvious. Free stuff and it’s easy. The con is now like the mob, they kinda own you because they did you a solid. The other is your materials tend to be semi to low quality and look like everyone else’s. It’s not a bad gig if you’re starting out and have no capital. I’d just be sure they’re good at what they do.

My method is I go straight to a mailing company. Let’s say I want to do a mailer for property management in Phoenix. I can do that and send out to anyone I want with all customized materials and templates. If you know what you are doing you can really take advantage of great marketing techniques that usually are not available to you with a title company. The main thing to think about with a mailing company is do they actually make their own envelopes and stuff them. IF they don’t then they are really just salesmen who sub out the work to a real mailing company and take a cut. Cut the middle man and get a cheaper price. It’s worth it because when you go custom, it is a lot of cash.

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