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Bob Collopy

Broker Bob works on the commercial end of real estate. Bob primarily represents/partners with large Wall Street REITS and high net worth individuals. His major focuses are: multifamily acquisitions and rehabs, buying middle-America single-family homes in volume (20-30 a month) for REITS, developing small to medium-sized residential real estate (single family subdivisions, manufactured home parks, or multifamily).

Bob is half Texan, half Phoenician. Bob has been in the “Family Business” of Property Management since his middle school years; ripping out old carpet and fixing swamp coolers.  Over the past few years Bob developed the commercial arm of the company. He is Fort Lowell’s go-to broker for all things commercial real estate because of his extensive knowledge in financing the deal, underwriting ability, syndication experience, multiple successful business partnerships, and because of his practical experience in the day-to-day management and rehab of an investment property.


Bob was an Eagle Scout at 15, a private pilot at 18, a licensed real estate agent at 20, a funded tech start up at 21, a broker at 23, bought his first commercial apartment complex at 24, and is doing well into the tens of millions in deals per year.


Don’t underestimate this young achiever.


You can call him at 480-773-0685 or email him at bob@flraz.com

Bob Flying