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Want to pass that real estate exam? Who doesn’t!
This video gives you three tips that should help you actually past that blasted test!

In this video I am going to be helping you steer clear of the big 3 issues that most people have when it comes to actually passing the real estate exam!

The tests in every state vary for the real estate exam but we have been told the basic way you are taught the test and what the basic subjects are are pretty similar. We don’t know for sure seeing as we are licensed in Phoenix Arizona, so you be the judge.


So here are the three major things you need to be thinking about or to be considering when getting ready to take the exam.



  • Take that test now!



A lot of people wait around after they take their classes. Why! Think about it this way. Your brain is a bucket holding knowledge juice about anything from commercial real estate to property management. Now your mind bucket has holes. So your knowledge juice is leaking out (Ewwww we don’t want that!). So you need to take that test quick! We personally found it helpful to take the test days after you are done and to be reviewing everything in that small gap of time.


  1. Study the reading and the quizzes!


In Arizona we get chapters to read and a quiz to practice with. A lot of people tend to think if you just do one of the two, you should be fine. No! Do both! Yes, it is more work, but it makes a big difference on both your understanding of the material (the reading) and the ability to actually answer a question when asked (the quiz). Failing the test is far more stressful than studying more in the long run!


  1. Go to Prep Agent!


For a lot of people learning the concepts of real estate can be tough. Especially if you haven’t been through that specific situation in your life already. So we suggest going to the youtube channel, Prep Agent. There they go over a lot of the concepts that many people get stuck on and give some great visuals and context that should really help you pass that test!


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