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Tucson: (520) 322-0000

This is part 2 of everything a new agent needs to know!

This segment focuses on more macro things every new and young agent needs to begin wrapping their mind around as they make their push into the real estate world.

So lets begin:

Study the big wigs.

You probably already know this one, but here’s the thing. Find someone who is doing things eerily similar to you but then find another few people achieving the same basic process but in a different industry. That is actually how creative people make new things and conquer the world.

Get a Mentor NETWORK

Mentors are huge right now. But you should focus on mentors who are well versed in many different areas. Otherwise you will find yourself just swallowing some bias mumbo jumbo. That’s why I prescribe listening to a few people, not just one….see how honest I am, who else in my position would say that!

New Tech:

Create new service offerings by developing your marketing and networking online. Google is far more powerful than even the most charismatic and tough competitor.